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Medical Expert-Ease uses expert specialists who specialise in their relevant fields for the purpose of providing the best possible service to a quick recovery.

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Medical Expert-Ease comes with all of the necessary services which can be available with a few clicks. Take the ease of reporting facility with you if you choose us.

Medco Ready

From 6th April 2015 we have taken all measures to ensure that your needs are met according to current legislations and comes with all of the necessary requirements.


Be flexible with ease. We have nationwide coverage and ensure that each case is commenced within 24 hours, report checked individually and CPR compliant.

Consultation between the medical expert and the client.

Medical Expert-Ease has all the necessary tools to create the medical report that makes the evidence substantial and effective. The whole implemented structure is geared efficiently for the purpose of assisting an instructing party settle an injury claim.

Our Features


Whether your are in London, Manchester or Liverpool we can arrange medico-legal service for you immediately.

Why Us?

Combine our professionalism with clinical resources to receive a quality service which excels in a tailored approach.


We offer in house administration service to match the advanced technological system in place for medical reports.


Assessing soft tissue injuries accurately often relies upon the experience of our experts to uncover the full extent of damage.


Diagnostics and treatments are specialised areas where we have invested in a specialised team to deal with this aspect of the case.

Medical Experts

We have a varied range of experts ranging from consultants to counsellors. Each are qualified and experienced.

Flexible enough for all type of clients.

Medical Expert-Ease has developed a database to contain a large quantity of medical experts using the latest innovative technological software. So whether you are a GP, Physiotherapist, Orthopaedic Consultant or Psychologist, it is quite easy to integrate within our network to improve your claims processing.    

Our Role

Medical Expert-Ease employs a dedicated and professional team that delegate and manage every case from initial conception to conclusion, aiming to achieve the highest standards of customer service. Medical appointments are set up efficiently to help facilitate maximal turnaround of reports.

All communications and reports can be transferred electronically, reducing case durations. Initial coverage of cases will be based in the Northwest with rapid view to expand nationwide.

All claim types are catered for by our extensive variety of medical experts promising no compromise on quality of service. All reports are rigorously checked from beginning to end in order to ensure they are CPR compliant.

Specialist software packages, used by medical experts, ensure all medico-legal cases are managed with ease and efficiency. We aim to build a strong working rapport with all clients built on professionalism and reliability.

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